You might be contemplating about improving your kitchen and living room design. Perhaps you want to free up some space in your bedroom by removing old furniture or taking down the interior wall. Hence, if you’ve been planning on changing something to your house, it may be high time for a renovation.

But before that, you have to prepare for a few things when planning a renovation. Most importantly, don’t forget to consider how you will dispose of renovation waste. 

Different projects generate various types of household and hazardous waste, and the NSW EPA has specific guidelines regarding the transport and disposal of this rubbish. Besides, during the planning phase, you might stumble upon the question: Do I need permission to deal with my renovation rubbish?

As it turns out, you are solely responsible for disposing of your waste. Here in Sydney, there are policies set to ensure the lawful removal of renovation and construction waste.

Who is Responsible for Lawful Waste Disposal?

Renovation projects typically generate solid waste as well as hazardous junk. These materials can range from rubble, excess wood, broken furniture, old mattresses and carpets. Furthermore, it is the task of the waste owner and transporters to dispose of and reuse the rubbish they produce lawfully.

According to Section 143 of the NSW EPA Protection of the Environment Operations Act of 1997, the owner and transporters are legally responsible for proving that they transported the waste materials to a safe and lawful place. 

This means the irresponsible disposal of rubbish can result in a reasonable offence if both parties are proven guilty. Fines could go up to $5 million or seven years in prison, especially if the illegal dumping harms the environment.

In other words, no. You don’t need to file a permit in taking out your waste. However, you have to follow specific guidelines for lawful and safe rubbish removal or let a reliable rubbish removal service deal with renovation rubbish.

Among those guidelines include disclosing information about your waste to the authority.

Supply Information About Your Waste

During the disposal and transportation process, authorities may ask you to give information about your waste, such as:

  • Its classification, composition, or quantity
  • Its storage, handling, transfer, disposal, or recycling/recovery
  • The environmental and health risks associated with the waste

Also, when supplying information about waste, make sure you disclose relevant information, like:

  • Waste assessment and classification reports
  • Written procedures and plans for waste management
  • Site assessments including contaminated site assessments and environmental impacts

Take note that an individual can be fined up to $120,000 for giving unknown or false information about waste to authority. That only makes it essential to have an experienced rubbish removalist assess and dispose of all debris.


Whether it’s a small-scale job or a full-blown renovation project, your hands can get short for your rubbish. That’s why Paul’s Rubbish Removal is the only partner you’ll ever need so that you can focus on more critical tasks.

Paul’s team of removalists perform safe and efficient rubbish removal methods for all types of waste. Thanks to our vast network of recycling and disposal facilities, your rubbish is guaranteed to undergo NSW EPA compliant processes and treatments.

Above all, we play a huge role in preserving our environment. With our bespoke methods for efficient and reliable rubbish disposal, we divert as much waste from landfills as possible. Paul’s Rubbish Removal is here to give you the much-wanted peace of mind.

Call Paul’s Rubbish Removal in Sydney on 0407 125 125 for a reliable and affordable rubbish removal service.

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