We are all familiar with the most common waste management method called the 3 Rs which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The 3 Rs serve as a guiding force in dealing with the rubbish properly and handling garbage to prevent more detrimental effects of over excessive waste volumes. Everybody must apply the 3 Rs as Australia feels the effects of the rise in waste volumes. From 74.1 million tonnes of waste from 2018 to 2019, it’s high time for real Waste Reduction.

We all can’t rely on reusing and recycling all the time to save waste disposal in any method. Sometimes, the only thing that helps in managing waste at home, is by not producing anything wasteful. Little things and amounts can add up and you’ll be in shock on how much rubbish you generate from the small intricate and often trivial things.

Always check pantry and food stocks

You will inevitably purchase food and other necessities like toiletries and miscellaneous items for your daily needs. There’s nothing wrong with buying the things you need. It’s the excess and extras that are doubtfully useful that needs correction. Before you go to the grocery store or local shops, always check the status of your pantry first. If you know how much is in there, you wouldn’t need to second guess the amount and number of items you have. You save money too.

Always double-check the expiration and best-before dates of food products too. If you tend to store products for a long time and they end up in the back of the shelf where you barely reach it, chances are, you’ll even forget the purpose you bought them for. Australia produces as much as 5,091 kilotonnes in food waste every year. What’s worse is these refuse are in perfect condition had they not reached their point of expiry.

Create a list of necessities and groceries

Create a list. A list is simple, yet it is an effective tool in indicating the things you need. If you have a smartphone, a list taking app can take you a long way. It can do the same for reducing waste too. Put the things you need in lists and make sure to include pertinent details as well. What you don’t include in the list crosses out the chance of being wasted.

Lists also help you keep track and manage your household waste better. Knowing how much you generate keeps you cautious and informed. If you don’t have personal incentive and individual drive to practise waste management methods and applying a more conscious consumption, your local council may have programs that reward you for producing the least amount of waste.

Put out the trash regularly

It is one of the most obvious, yet underrated ways of reducing trash. Putting out the trash regularly can help in reducing trash. When you have trash lying around, you’ll tend to add more to the dump, because you want to get rid of them in one big go that can occur once a month or months. Practise your waste disposal responsibly. If you see that your kitchen and your home is clean from any waste, you’ll hesitate untidying up your space. This doesn’t only help you save space, it gives you a clear site and peace of mind.

Apply composting methods

To start your way in reducing the waste you put out for disposal, you can set up compost pits at home. All the organic waste from your household can go straight to the compost pit. If your community has a shared compost space, engage and use the facilities. Give acceptable organic waste for composting. This way, none of them go straight to the landfill.

Buy second hand or preloved items

For more general needs and things at home, you can check out trade and shops that sell second-hand items. You hit two birds with one stone. You save more money and still end up getting the same use as original and brand-new items. You also prevent these things from going straight to waste. There are many household items you think you need, but scoring yourself a jackpot with thrift things and items that are still in condition can make you think otherwise.


There are many ways to reduce waste. It’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. Purchasing smartly and consciously is the first step in doing so. The fewer products you have, the less waste there is to throw out. Whatever you do, aim to reduce, reuse and recycle waste as an initiative that can start at home and even at a young age. We are all responsible for engaging this reality about rubbish.

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