Proper management of our waste materials, helps prevent additional pollution while promoting the health and safety of our community. When we dispose of our waste materials responsibly, we are reducing the risk of contaminating and polluting our surroundings. 

However, the current COVID-19 pandemic raises questions and new challenges regarding the safety and proper disposal of contaminated waste materials with bodily fluids or other infectious materials it has brought along with it. 

Proper precautionary measures against COVID-19

Evidence shows that coronavirus spreads from one person to another. But if we are diligent with good hand hygiene practices and follow consistently the proper precautionary measures, we can prevent the transmission of infectious disease. Although the terror of the coronavirus has spread globally and even brought other countries’ healthcare systems in chaos, as a responsible individual, all you have to do is to follow the necessary steps and safety measures to keep ourselves from coronavirus infection.

COVID-19 protocols and proper waste disposal process

An effective method of handling healthcare waste is by segregation and proper identification of soiled materials. With proper disposal, handling and treatment we are eliminating the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. The following measures are all necessary for keeping healthcare workers and ordinary people safe.

  • Medical waste generated during the clinical care of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case should be disposed of in accordance with our established law known as clinical waste
  • The clinical waste restrictions and protocols are sufficient for COVID-19 medical waste management disposal.
  • Proper medical or clinical waste handling should be strictly implemented in all healthcare staff and personnel. 
  • Health workers should be trained regarding the hazards associated with exposure.
  • Proper segregation and disposal of waste as clinical and non-clinical waste should occur at the point of waste generation in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • Medical waste generators should be responsible for containing soiled materials for transportation to the treatment facilities.
  • Appropriate and good hand hygiene practices are one of the most effective preventive measures in and out of the medical setting, to protect yourself against infectious diseases including COVID-19.

In preventing unnecessary transmission and contamination of the environment, the community should be all aware that COVID-19 soiled materials are done in accordance with EPA’s safe routine regulation and procedures. Proper segregation and disposal practices of medical waste play an important role in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases and other hazardous waste.

Healthy individuals should also take part in this coronavirus crisis by following the safety measures from proper handwashing to social distancing to avoid contracting the virus. These measures may seem simple, but by keeping yourself safe and healthy you are helping our healthcare workers.


Regardless of specific exposure risks, following good hand hygiene practices and proper social distancing can significantly help healthcare workers and ordinary individuals in staying healthy during this COVID-19 crisis.

Healthcare facilities should manage their medical waste in accordance with the rules and guidelines on proper handling of clinical waste to avoid compromising the health of our frontliners and endangering the public’s safety. 

Medical waste should be segregated and contained prior to collection and upon transportation for treatment. It should be labelled accordingly in a leak-proof and punctured-proof container to ensure the safety of our waste collectors and the environment. 

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