How Rapid Deforestation Contributes to Climate Change

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Since primary school, teachers taught us that trees provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide for their growth and development. Moreover, if you ask children how to save the environment, they would probably answer “By planting more trees”. If these innocent kids understand that, why can’t we?

Over the years, humans have been exploiting natural resources for their needs. It is not only limited to trees but also on the land minerals of the forests. Urbanisation and mining are some of the activities to blame for rapid deforestation

The world lost about 1.3 million square kilometres of forests from 1990 to 2016. Scientists are saying that this number is alarming, and it will cause severe effects of climate change if we don’t act now. So that you can understand better, Paul’s Rubbish Removal is here to explain how rapid deforestation contributes to climate change. 

Cutting Down of Trees Means Less Oxygen and More Carbon Dioxide Emission

One notable act of deforestation is cutting of trees to the point that forests have no time to recover. As mentioned earlier, trees are essential factors in reducing carbon dioxide emission since they need it for their development. Moreover, they are oxygen providers, which humans and animals need to survive. 

According to Arborday Foundation, a single mature tree can absorb 28kg of carbon dioxide each year and supply a day’s worth of oxygen for four people. So, one tree taken down has substantial effects collectively. Also, imagine if the population continues to increase while trees are decreasing, expect air pollution and global warming to intensify over the years. 

Overexploitation of Forest Resources Results to Natural Disasters

Irresponsible mining and overlogging of trees have left forest resources a disaster. If you look at the mountains nowadays, you can see brown and exploited surfaces instead of green sceneries. With limited plants and trees in the forest, it can bring natural disasters that can put the nearby communities at risk. 

Deforestation can cause soil erosions, floods, landslides, and drought. Trees are effective water-absorber during heavy rainfalls, and they can reduce the risk of landslide debris by blocking them. Moreover, the connection between forest and climate is essential for rain formation. So, when trees are cut down, especially from rainforests, it can cause drought.

So, how can we solve the problem of deforestation? We should demand authorities to impose stricter laws against illegal logging and over-mining activities. Make the mining and wood-product industry responsible for avoiding deforestation. We should collectively act now before it is too late.    

Deforestation Causes Melting of Polar Ice Caps   

With fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide because of deforestation, global temperature increases every year. Deforestation is one of the leading causes of global warming. It causes the melting of polar ice caps that increases the water level of oceans. If this continues, coastal areas can experience the threats of flooding and storm surge. So, it is true. Human carelessness on the environment will haunt us in the end. 

Reducing our carbon dioxide emission from cars and energy consumption are useful, but imagine if we preserve our rainforests and continue to plant more trees? Reforestation can help us absorb more greenhouse gases and provide oxygen, food, and shelter to human and animals. In that way, we can help combat the ongoing climate change. 


Overlogging of trees and irresponsible mining activities are the common reasons why rapid deforestation is happening. Deforestation contributes to climate change, specifically to the rise of global temperature. It can cause more carbon dioxide emission, fewer oxygen providers, natural disasters, and melting of polar ice caps. If we don’t act now, it could affect us negatively in the future. 

Demand authorities and the mining and wood-product industries for accountability and eco-friendly business methods. They need to abide by the laws that are set to protect the environment and our forest resources.  

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