The amount of rubbish in Sydney is continuously burgeoning, and as the population in the city nears 5.8 million in 2030, waste production is also forecast to grow at a rate six times our population growth. While we have a number of landfills in the city, most of them are nearing their maximum capacity. Thus, to maximise and prolong our landfill space, we need to strengthen our waste diversion efforts.

One such method to divert rubbish from landfills is by repurposing your rubbish at home. To repurpose means to convert your useless rubbish items at home into something valuable and useful. As a result, you’ve prolonged the product life of that item so it will not end up in landfills yet. 

How Can You Repurpose Your Rubbish At Home?

Sky’s the limit when it comes to repurposing your household rubbish. There aren’t any rules and limitations on how you can transform an old, useless item into something new and useful. All you need is your imagination and creativity, and you can definitely make something valuable out of your rubbish.

To give you examples, here are 5 creative repurposing projects you can do with your household rubbish. 

Woven Handicrafts from Old Newspapers and Magazines

Repurpose your old newspapers and colourful magazine pages into woven crafts. Create elegant centrepieces and containers such as baskets, trays, and woven ornaments from your old and rubbish paper items. These projects will only require a few materials and simple skills like cutting, folding, and pasting, so even your kids can join you in repurposing your newspapers and magazines at home.

Repurpose Old Boxes Into Storage Organisers

Do you have a lot of empty boxes at home but you have no idea how to reuse them? As much as it is a life hack, turning your boxes into storage organisers is also a fun and creative activity to deal with your household rubbish. You can create drawers or dividers by stacking and taping boxes together. You can use these repurposed boxes to organise your socks, underwear, and other items you want to arrange.

Old Toothbrushes To Clean Grout

Toothbrushes never run out of purpose when it comes to cleaning. While it’s originally intended to clean teeth, when it gets too old and used, you can use it as well to clean grout and reach small spaces. You can even make a larger brush out of many toothbrushes. Simply cut and put together the bristles of your toothbrushes and glue them on a wooden block, and you’ll finally have something to scrub unclean surfaces.

Unique Garden Planters

Making garden planters out of rubbish is unarguably one of the most popular and simplest recycling projects you can do at home. There are plenty of rubbish items at home you can convert into plant containers, including old jars, cans, stained coffee mugs, egg trays, bowls, boots, tyres, and the list goes on. This repurposing idea is so easy, you don’t even have to do anything with these rubbish; you can immediately place your plant in them and put the planters in your garden.

Cleaning Rags and Pot Holders Out Of Used Fabrics

The best option you can do with old clothes that are still in good condition is to donate them to charity. However, if they are unusable and irreparable anymore, you can repurpose them and turn them into washable cleaning rags and potholders. You can make these items by simply cutting your clothes into strips and sewing or braiding them together.


Everyone has the duty to protect and take care of the environment. Especially now that we are producing billions of tonnes of rubbish annually, we have to diligently follow the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle – to minimise our household waste generation. Doing so will consequently reduce the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfills.

In line with the task to protect the environment, Paul’s Rubbish Removal commits to providing environment-friendly and sustainable rubbish removal methods. Our team has expert training on how to handle all kinds and sizes of rubbish safely and efficiently. With that, our expert rubbish removalists will collect, segregate, recycle, and dispose of your rubbish so that we will send the least amount to landfills. 

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