Demolition is an essential part of any home remodelling project. However, the process can be frustrating if not done right. As a matter of fact, a poorly done demolition can significantly stall your home renovation project, making the whole enterprise a waste of effort and money. Home renovations in Australia has now hit a 14 year high with more projects happening now than ever.

Therefore, if you are looking to remodel your home, it is important to treat the demolition process as a project by itself, and dedicate time and effort to getting it right. Once you have properly accomplished the demolition phase, you will find that the renovation process becomes much easier and comfortable.

If you are planning to demolish your home during remodelling, here are some of the safe practices you can employ to have a smooth, safe and successful demolition.

Preparation for Demolition

In order to create a safe environment for demolition, here are the things you need to do:

  • Switch off Electricity and Water

The last thing you want to do during demolition is to cut into an electricity or water line. It is therefore necessary to switch off electricity and water. This will allow you to create a safe space for demolition.

  • Select the Right Tools

Once you have utility lines taken care of, you need to select appropriate tools for the demolition process. Some of the tools you will need include:

– Crowbar
– Sledgehammer
– Floor hammer
– Wheelbarrow

Having the right tools at hand during a demolition will make the process easier and hassle-free.

  • Wear Protective Attire

Dressing up in protective clothing during a demolition is one of the most important safety protocols. Ensure you wear thick-soled boots to protect your feet from splinters and nails lying around on the floor. In case you are working overhead, put on a safety helmet to protect your head from knocks and falling equipment.

  • Seal of the Area Being Demolished

If you are only renovating a specific area in your home, it is absolutely important to seal it off from the rest of the house. This not only allows you to keep your family safe, but it also helps to prevent debris and clutter from spreading to unaffected areas.

  • Safety Practices during Demolition

Preparing the demo area prior to demolition is crucial to the entire process. However, you should also ensure that you are safe and protected during the small demolition process, especially if you will be doing it yourself. Here are some of the ways you can protect yourself when conducting a pre-renovation demolition.

  • Wear a Protective Face Mask

A lot of dust and debris is usually emitted in the air, and can cause respiratory problems if inhaled. Wearing a protective mask will help in filtering out dust particles.

  • Figure Out What Lies Behind Walls

Before you begin tearing down the walls of your house, you need to double check them to ensure there are no utility lines beneath them. The last thing you want to do is accidentally break a utility line during demolition, since this will only complicate the process.

  • Clean Up as You Continue

Try to clear out the debris and trash regularly as you continue with the demolition process. Having debris pile up in the area you are working in will only impede your movement and slow you down.

  • What to Do Once the Demolition is Complete

After the demolition process has been completed the next thing you need to do is to prop up the area for remodelling. You will likely need to get rid of a lot of clutter and debris from the demolition and vacuum the area to get rid of dust. It is better to rent off a roll off dumpster to dispose of the waste since this will save you many trips transporting trash to a landfill.

If you are having trouble getting rid of debris and clutter from your home demolition and remodelling project, it is best to consult the experts. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we offer eco-friendly waste disposal solutions to all our clients.

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