Just like in phones and computers, junks at home may mean a stressful life. Ok, you do harbour junks in your bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room and bathroom. But do you really know where the junks come from? In fact, sometimes you may stare at the junks and wonder whether it is you that accumulated them wherever they are.

To parents with more than three kids, it is even worse. Squeezing some little space from the preexisting one can be a cold ice in the butt. Sometimes it may call for a support from a garbage rubbish company like Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

An approximate of 54% of total Aussies has a run-away hoarding habit. According to the Choosi Reports, Australians have a net worth of almost 60 Billion Dollars’ worth of unused items.

The Australian Bureau of statistics says, from the research recently conducted, 70% of Aussies do not have spare rooms in their home.

Bottom line, there exists this simple decluttering method that can work for all of us. It is not like Oprah Winfrey’s Reverse Hanger Trick. It can work for everyone.

1) Visualise and love the uncluttered scenes

Decluttering, just like any other action, starts from the brain. You will only love the end result after undergoing a process of visualisation. It is therefore worth everything to prepare your mind fully before embarking on the journey to declutter your home and life at large.

2) Draw a timetable

Cluttering happens day in day out. Just after cleaning the rooms well, you may find some pieces of what you don’t want starting to accumulate again. Therefore, you will need to spare specific dates from your normal routine for proper cleaning. The days should be when your mindset is in a relaxed mood away from work.

3) Identify spots that clutter the most

These can be children’s rooms, home office, under beds and closets. Identifying these places helps to formulate a decluttering procedure that is fast and that which realises outstanding results. Garbage boxes or bins can then be carefully located at the above scenes to help in accumulating the unwanted products of future cluttering processes.

4) Sort out your belongings

This is the hardest part. The fact remains, decluttering your butts may mean a hitch in your normal life. It is painful and stressful at the same time. In order to achieve the most needed result, you will need three boxes. One for the item that you will really require, second for the items to be gotten rid of and the last for items to store.

The items in the first box should be those that you have used in the past one week. They should be carefully sorted out according to size and use. After that, they should be kept in their respective “homes”.

The second box should contain only those items that you are pretty sure you no longer use. Some should be those that you have drained all your love for. You no longer love them at all. They should be given away, burnt or sold.

The third box harbours items you really doubt whether you still need, will need or will not need any more. Here is where the butts lie. Keep these items in a store for a specific period of time, say one year. After the period elapses, take out the items that still lie there and burn or give away.

Cleanliness is an inherent part of any normal being. But due to some factors such as limited time, complexity of the residents and size of the family, you may not be in a position to partake of this demanding chore by yourself. If you are stuck in a situation where you need a decluttering service, contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We are able to help you hand remove, collect and dispose of any type of junk that you have.

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