The global waste issues we face before are the same as we face now. However, the catch is, it’s worse. More kinds of negative effects are being posed by the problem and the solutions that are supposed to match with it are not catching up as fast as possible. Different kinds of waste are produced and discovered daily. As such, we are all called to act now. Changing consumption habits and waste disposal methods can make this world last a long way to go.

Numbers don’t lie and statistics prove just how bad the situation is. These are some of the information you need to know to see how bad it is: 

Plastic waste and plastic production

Plastic waste is one of the biggest waste problems in the world. As people are very reliant on plastic, it is one of those things that is always in production. As the world shows no sign of slowing down on plastic consumption, much of it ends up anywhere, not in decomposition and unable to be good candidates for recycling. These are some of the numbers for plastic waste:

  • Taiwan has the most number of collected plastic waste along the shoreline with 120,646 different objects collected in a year. This is more than double the next nation that has collected plastic waste in its shoreline which is Nigeria with 47,192 different kinds of plastic waste ending up in its shores.
  • In 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic weight in the ocean than fishes.

This clearly depicts the plastic problem the world has. The reliance on plastic has made the world suffocate in plastic production as a means for containment and product creation. Currently, this is where we stand in terms of plastic production:

  • There were only 2.3 million tons of plastic production in 1950.  This number has risen to a staggering 448 million tones of plastic which is around 195 times more than the plastic produced around 70 years ago.
  • Some plastic products take more than 400 years to decompose and degrade.

Disposable plastic can outlive all of us on this planet. Some products can stay on this Earth for more than 400 years. This means that if we don’t act now, all of the garbage we generate can outlive all of us by more than our average lifetimes. 

Food waste

Another kind of waste that generates a big volume is food waste. Some facts about food waste are as follows:

  • There are tonnes of edible food being thrown away annually. To be exact, almost 7.2 million tonnes of food are discarded untouched and can be perfectly eaten.
  • Supermarkets and groceries don’t even accept many products because of how it looks. Up to 40% of fruits and vegetables don’t reach the shelves because they don’t look good enough to sell.

It is quite a nightmare to know that the volume of edible food is not being eaten. Many people are starving and food waste is still very much rampant. The generated food waste essentially means people throw away food without a second thought. This is food that can help others survive every single day.

Wasted water

Even if water is not a type of waste, it can still be wasted just like any other resource. As the world is already struggling to provide potable drinking water for all people, wasting water is such a big problem already. These are some things you should know:

  • Dysfunctional taps can waste and drip as much as 5000 litres of water annually.

This amount of water can already supply water to thousands of people. Water is a daily need and to waste it is already a crime against the right of others to live.  


The situation on global waste has never been as drastic and as bad as ever. With the rise and creation of new products comes newer kinds of waste that can be more difficult to deal with than the last. Many companies are pioneering newer research and development in handling waste, but ultimately, it also comes with you and the waste you discard at home. If people don’t do anything about the problem, there might be no healthy way to live eventually.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal cares about more than just collecting your rubbish and disposing of them properly. We are all in collective responsibility in keeping waste issues around the world manageable. It’s not only humans but also wildlife that gets affected by these worsening numbers every day. Let’s all do our part by starting with ourselves. Simple ways can elevate the trash problem around. For waste removal services, contact us!

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