While researching an upcoming project, you may have come across two or three construction documents or articles on the internet that mentioned striping out and demolition. In the piece, the words renovation and defitting may have also popped up a few times. Your inability to understand these four words probably made it difficult for you to understand the article. Well, scrap that frustration off your face. Here we will take about renovation, defitting, demolition, and striping out in detail and highlight the differences between all of these terms.


Demolition (also razing) is a field of science that involves tearing down buildings or structures to make room for new ones. In razing, the entire structure is brought to the ground, sparing nothing at all. Demolition is not a simple process, as many may think. There is a lot of skill, knowledge, technology, and engineering experience involved in bringing down any building.

One of the other things demolition experts know is that demolition is a series of multiple activities that requires a set of procedures to be done before demolition commences. Some of the procedures performed beforehand include;

  • Removal of materials that can cause harm either to the demolition experts or other civilians. Such materials could be electrical wires, flammable items, and many others.
  • People doing the demolition also need to obtain permits from the necessary authorities
  • Disconnection of utilities
  • Conducting rodent baiting

A lot of knowledge is also used when determining different modes of demolishing structures depending on the size. When tearing down a small structure like a house, the technicalities involved are far less than those involved when bringing down large buildings. Small buildings are either demolished manually or mechanically. Mechanical demolition involves the use of hydraulic equipment like cranes and excavators. When razing a large building, experts use heavy machines like; wrecking balls, rotating hydraulic shears, and silenced rock breakers.


Renovating a space or building involves fixing or improving it to make it look new or depict a particular style and design.

There are a few reasons why people choose to renovate, and they are;

  • One may renovate his/her house to create a cozy feeling that makes them enjoy staying at home.
  • For the real estate titans, renovation is all about increasing the value of the house. Such people do this so that they can sell the house at a higher price than the amount they used to buy and renovate.
  • Some people just enjoy renovating.
  • Sometimes it is just time to do it as the building’s designs have become outdated

Renovation is also a process that involves a series of steps, and they are;

Planning – Planning is the first and most crucial stage. At the planning stage, discussions on how the task will be completed are held.
Engineering – Re-establishing and maintenance of the space are done at this stage.
Structural Repair – Any structural problems are addressed in this stage, and designers then put things in order.
Rebuilding – Rebuilding is where everything you want is put in place, and you can now see things coming together.
Finishing – Finishing is the last stage of remodelling. It involves adding the final touches to the masterpiece.


In construction and repairs works the words “stripping” and “defitting” are used interchangeably, and the reason for this is they both mean the same thing. Defitting (also strip out) is the process involved when furniture and fixtures are removed from a building and taken somewhere else. In the stripping process, floors and floor tiles are also removed. In most cases, this happens when the owner of the property wants to return the property to its original condition.

1) Planning of Timelines is the first thing that happens. A specific timeframe should be put in place to determine how long the job will take.
2) Removing of fixtures, fittings, and floors.
3) After that, a new subfloor for the new floor is prepared.
4) After everything is complete, cleaning is done to ensure that your premises is clean and look good before the experts leave.

Defitting, stripping, demolition, and renovation are four simple words that should not confuse you anymore. Defitting and stripping refer to the same thing, and that is the removal of the fittings, fixtures, and walls to return the space to its original state.

Renovating is improving a building, and demolition is the process of destroying a structure. Involving a team of experts from a reputable company like Paul’s Rubbish Removal will get such things done for you. For efficient and effective service delivery in such matters, contact us and we will take care of everything for you.

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