We are all excited about the idea of a holiday. Most of us spend this time with our family and friends as we enjoy each other’s company and warmth. However, as we come together in celebration, there is so much waste from food stuff and materials. Poor waste management is one of the challenges we are facing in our society today. Improper waste disposal has caused us some serious environmental challenges that have dire consequences such as global warming. For this reason, we will look at tips on how to minimise waste for your next holiday.

1) Use reusable bags

During your next holiday break, there will be lots of shopping as we host relatives and friends in our homes. One way to reduce the amount of waste is to do away with plastic bags and adopt reusable shopping bags. While going for shopping, do not depend on the plastic bag offered by the supermarket, rather carry your own cloth bag to pack your items. To avoid forgetting your bag at home, keep some extra bags in your car.

2) Consider reusable containers

There are numerous containers in our dustbins from food stuff that we buy. During the break, invest in quality reusable containers to store your food stuff. As you shop to prepare for your visitors, carry the containers to the market, especially if you shop at farmer’s markets. For proper storage, get airtight containers for ingredients that may stale quickly such as cereals and baking ingredients.

3) Have a meal plan

Apart from material waste, food waste is also a big problem in our society today. So much food is thrown away into the garbage. It is possible to have so much food waste amidst the celebrations. To avoid this, have a meal plan that will help you buy groceries that you only need. A meal plan will also help you to make enough meals for your visitors without having leftovers that will end up in the garbage.

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4) Avoid disposable plastic plates and cups

During a long holiday, family and friends travel to visit their relatives. You may be hosting your friends in the house and the thought of washing utensils after every meal seems scary and a huge task. However, disposable plastic cups and plates is not the solution. They will only fill your bin and contribute to general waste in the society. Be ready to get your hands dirty as you do dishes and save the environment.

5) Buy a durable water bottle

As you travel during your break, you need to take care of yourself by staying hydrated. However, stop buying plastic water bottles but instead buy a water bottle that you will use longer even after the holiday. You should also get a small coffee thermos so that you can carry your beverages everywhere you go and have it as hot as you like it. This will minimise the amount of waste inform of coffee cups and plastic water bottles.

6) Recycle

While you are disposing your waste, remember to sort out items that you can recycle and keep them separately from items that are fully wasted. Cultivate the habit of recycling items such as plastic bottles that are in good shape, plastic shopping bags, glass food containers and jars, wine bottle, metal cans among others.

7) Start composting

If you have some space in your compound, you can start a compost that will feed your garden. Most of the trash that we through away, could be composted and give rich nutrients to the soil. Compost all the food waste in your house to reduce the amount of waste.

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