When someone mentions house demolition, one of the first things that will enter your mind is the associated waste removal. You can engage a company for the demolition work or do it yourself but the demolition clean up part is considered one of the dirty jobs in a literal sense. So, to handle the problems associated with grime, dust and debris build up after the demolition ends, you will have to engage the best clean up company. Dust can find its way into the rooms that you are not working on and introduce allergens and other byproducts that cause diseases.

What does demolition cleanup involve?

Demolition cleanup involves removal of debris associated with demolition projects in large scale. The things removed can range from insulation materials to drywall and general filth that has to be handled by demolition cleanup crews. The cleanup work requires workforce, wheelbarrows and destructive tools to break down any large pieces. People who do the work have to go through the necessary training so that they can handle the used equipment properly and safely.

Demolition cleanup projects, particularly those involving tearing down of whole buildings require the use of large tools to remove the debris. That might include removal of earth and concrete with large machinery pieces and getting some materials ready for reuse. The type of work might not sound important to you, but as Paul’s Rubbish Removal we will handle any demolition rubbish removal project, including those that do not require demolition cleanup equipment. WHS/OH&S has established rules and regulations that our team observe.

The demolition cleanup process might also involve removal of items associated with the demolished structures. The items might include old machinery in case of industrial buildings, old cases you used to hold items for retail and office rise walls. Other items include the tile work and carpeting you used on the demolished rooms.

The demolition cleanup process

  • Plan everything before starting

Planning is an important part of the cleanup. So, after you are through with the demolition part, you will have to take your time and plan. Consider the various types of materials you will work with and the amount and size of debris the demolition will produce. After all, some methods might not work for all types of mess.

  • Protect the surrounding areas

If you are planning to demolish part of the structure, protect all the parts you do not want to demolish. You can do that in various ways depending on the building, but the best method involves the use of tarps to reduce the chances of debris and dust reaching the areas.

  • Control the dust

When it comes to the dust, you can take several precautions to reduce the mess dust can cause on the surrounding areas. A quick example, you can use water hoses, sprinklers, atomised sprayers and fans. They will all help you manage the dust effectively. By preventing dust build-up during the demolition, you will also reduce the amount you will have to clean afterwards.

  • Choose a good contractor

When selecting a demolition contractor, do enough research. Bringing down a structure can be easy, but it only covers half of the job. You will have to find a company that cares about the environment, knows how to secure all the surrounding areas and one that will prevent damages to the surrounding areas. Read reviews, read descriptions and ask around to identify good contractors. Our services will be more helpful when you have to remove hazardous materials.

  • Sort everything out

Sorting is another important step in the demolition cleanup process. Today, recycling is more than an option – it is a necessity. That is why you have to set aside some time for the sorting of the reusable materials such as concrete, steel and wood. The items are versatile and valuable. It would be a waste of resources if they ended in landfills. To preserve the environment, you have to reuse them.

  • Haul it off

After you have cleared and sorted out everything, haul the items you do not need from the site. Set aside the recyclable items and haul them to the appropriate facilities. If you have any actual waste, you will have to haul it too.

Demolition of structures involves more than bringing them down. You have to plan everything on paper, recycle and haul away what you do not need. So, you have to choose the contractor wisely and you will not worry about anything. Our Paul’s Rubbish Removal team will help you complete the demolition cleanup work smoothly.

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