Do you really need the conventional filing systems in the current digital world? Most companies have modernised the way they store their data and this has left many wondering whether we still need traditional filing cabinets or not.

With technology rapidly increasing and following Moore’s Law, digital storage systems have become a cheap and efficient method of data storage as opposed to the traditional filing cabinet.

You are probably aware that small businesses, as well as large and established corporations, are currently making the switch to cloud computing to reduce costs, minimise environmental footprint and enhance efficiency. However, does such a move imply that filing cabinets are becoming obsolete?

Even though the use of filing cabinets can potentially provide a lot of benefits to a company, those offered by the latest digital storage systems are far much superior. This can be a clear indication that with time, the use of traditional file storage systems will become obsolete.

What are some benefits of storing information and data digitally?

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  • Secure storage of information and data

Generally, companies hold a lot of sensitive information. On most occasions, this type of information is sensitive and should only be accessed by those with privileges. This information may include trade secrets and client credentials.

It is imperative that your business keeps such information in a highly secure place that is safe from data thieves. By so doing, a company remains ethical in practising due diligence for both its employees and clients.

One of the main advantages of digital storage systems is that it keeps sensitive information from unwanted guests. You have the option to keep and secure certain files and folders, ensuring they are only accessible to the right people.

  • Easy retrieval of information

In a traditional filing system, paper documents are stored manually and are only retrieved when needed. One of the greatest demerits of filing cabinets is that it can take you hours to identify, locate and retrieve different files. What’s more, there is the possibility to misplace documents and files which could potentially prove disastrous, especially when trying to urgently locate vital information.

On the other hand, digital storage systems allow for almost instantaneous access to information. This is because data is stored in a central repository and this enables multiple users to access and retrieve data simultaneously. You only need to enter a simple search keyword and the document in need will be available within seconds. This results in improved customer service and productivity.

  • Reduce storage space

It is common knowledge that paper-based storage systems often compete with employees for space within a company. With the ever-increasing costs of ownership of commercial property, you want to reduce to reduce your monthly operational costs as much as possible. Filing cabinets are not only bulky, may need regular maintenance, but also requires a lot of space. Often requiring a dedicated room to solely storing paper and files.

However, online storage systems help to eliminate those expensive filing cabinets as well as costly inefficiencies.

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  • Easy sharing of information

Data that is stored electronically can be easily shared among colleagues and customers via the web or through any other secure and controlled system. The information stored in filing cabinets often need to be photocopied for it to be shared. This is not only cumbersome but expensive as well. Some information may also need to be printed to enhance sharing. Clearly, this results in the very costly paper and printing overheads.

Digital storage systems usually focus on enhancing corporate performance by allowing businesses to digitally automate the distribution of files and documents within a company. This not only enhances productivity by eliminating data bottlenecks but, eliminates human errors and allows employees to solely focus on the requirements of their roles.

  • The risk of unpredictable data loss

It is quite unfortunate that most companies have never addressed how they would recover in the event of a major natural disaster. Keeping information in traditional filing systems means that you are at risk of losing that information through disastrous events such as flood, fire, vandalism, physical theft and other unforeseen vulnerabilities. Your business could easily fail to recover from such events.

However, through the use of electronic document storage, you can easily and cost-effectively back up your data in a variety of web-based options. This implies that whatever happens, you’ll still be able to recover your information.

Searching an office filing cabinetSearching an office filing cabinet

  • Digital filing options are easy to use

Some businesses may be hesitant about switching to a digital filing system, perhaps because they believe such storage systems are complex and hard to use. The truth is that digital filing options are easy to learn, operate and to use. In fact, nearly everybody in your office will enjoy the benefits associated with the use of electronic storage facilities.

The urgent need for companies to go paperless is a clear indication that the use of filing cabinets will become obsolete with time. Other than the reduction of waste generation in an office, the above are other compelling reasons why we strongly believe that the use of traditional filing systems will become obsolete.

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