The truth is, waste will always be around for every city, state or place. As human beings consume goods and acquire products, waste is a result of living activities. No location or living thing doesn’t produce at least one kind of rubbish regularly. The real problem happens when rubbish is not handled correctly and efficiently. 

Proper waste disposal is still a common issue until now. Even the most developed countries around the globe have a problem with waste management. Among the guilty parties includes Australia, one of the top producers of rubbish on the planet.

Sydney Waste by the numbers

  • 1/3 of rubbish in Sydney ends up in landfills. There are only two functional landfills in Sydney which means that more garbage is being dumped illegally every year.
  • From 2018 to 2019, 53% of total domestic waste in NSW ended up in landfills.
  • Sydney accounts for about half of the total waste from New South Wales.
  • In 2018 to 2019, households generated 3.66 million tonnes of domestic waste.
  • An average household in New South Wales generates 21.75 kg of trash every week. This translates to about 8.8kg of garbage per person.

With the large waste volumes and population growth rates in Sydney, there’s no guarantee that the waste initiatives in the city can cope up with the demand for the rubbish around. People in Sydney should give more focus to the sustainable methods of waste disposal that are already in Sydney. 

With more progress, development and investments in recycling businesses and energy recovery facilities, Sydney still has a chance to make the city more sustainable in less time than everyone hopes for.

Rubbish Removal Services in Sydney

The planet is currently in a disadvantageous situation when it comes to waste. Industries and residential settings produce different kinds of waste. With the growing numbers in the trash, the difficulty and challenge to dispose of all wastes also happen. The increasing number of improper waste disposal means that the total trash volume produced daily accumulates over time. When the time comes, there will be more plastic waste than fish in the ocean.

There should be a way for you to dispose of your garbage more than the normal way you get rid of it. There are different kinds of rubbish that require different methods of disposal for proper waste management. As such, services and businesses have slowly emerged through the years to handle the waste problem in Sydney. There will always be an efficient option for you to get rid of the waste you want to take care of.

Rubbish Removal services are available around Australia. Some small companies and teams can take care of your garbage by offering rubbish removal services for you and all your generated waste at home. Experts and professionals that undergo training to make sure that your waste is in proper care. 

Moreover, with Sydney’s ongoing initiative called Sustainable Sydney 2030 that tackles the city’s take on waste management methods, rubbish removal companies and recycling facilities work together to improve the waste volume in Sydney.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal is one of the leading businesses in the rubbish removal industry. There are many rubbish removalists around, all you need to do is open your phone and search it up. As such, Paul’s team of rubbish removalists aims to be your top choice. As a team that gives expert rubbish removal services, we aim to serve as a solution to your garbage. Paul’s Rubbish Removal objectives and goals also align with the city’s dream for a more sustainable Sydney in the future.

What you can do

With the growing amount of garbage daily, there are many ways you can deal with it. You can start with your recycling methods and systems at home. You can also consider other services that are present around. However, there is a way that can save you more time and effort in taking the greener way of getting rid of your trash. Rubbish Removal companies exist to give you the convenience of proper waste disposal at reasonable prices.

This Ultimate Guide gives you a snapshot of what to consider and to think about when you choose the rubbish removal service option. 

The waste situation in Sydney is not a joke. An only a collaborative effort from all residents can guarantee future improvements in Sydney. This effort can come from working with rubbish removal experts who have been around the business for a long time.

There are many ways to turn garbage into something else. Technology has come a long way to make sure that this is possible. The only thing that Paul’s Rubbish Removal can guarantee with your waste is that as much as possible, only none of it will go straight to the landfills.

Types of rubbish

There are many kinds of waste in Sydney. The garbage you threw earlier isn’t the only kind of trash around. Residential waste comes with other types of generated waste regularly. Moreover, rubbish doesn’t just come from your homes too. Different settings and locations contribute to the total waste volume in Sydney. Industries and commercial establishments generate waste in large volumes.

  • Household Waste is the general rubbish that comes from any home. It can come from households or residential settings like houses, apartment complexes, strata and other housing establishments. Household waste is everyday trash that you get rid of.
  • E-waste is also known as Electronic Waste comes from electronic gadgets and electrical equipment. All kinds of electronic devices and machinery that are for refurbishment, recovery or disposal are e-waste.
  • Organic Waste is rubbish that can break down over time. Some of the ways that this kind of rubbish can degrade are composting, anaerobic digestion and aerobic digestion. With the right kind of recycling facility and process, Organic Waste can still transform into something useful.
  • Bulky Waste is made up of oversized items or large pieces for disposal. This commonly includes but is not limited to furniture, equipment, appliances and other big items.
  • Green Waste is also known as Biological Waste. It is any rubbish sent to the compost. Some examples of green waste are grass clippings, flower cuttings, plants, weeds, litter and many more.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste is the rubbish that usually comes after the construction and building of any infrastructure. Building materials like asbestos, concrete, nails, roofing material can belong to this kind of waste.
  • Hazardous Waste should be handled with expertise and precaution. This kind of trash can cause harm and danger to the general public health or the environment. If your waste is ignitable, reactive, corrosive or toxic, it has the potential to turn hazardous.
  • Biomedical or Clinical Waste is the kind of trash that is commonly found in hospitals, laboratories, health centres or any setting with the same purpose. This kind of waste can turn infectious and harmful. It requires a more specialised way of disposal to mitigate any negative consequence or result.
  • Recyclable Waste is trash that can undergo recycling in any form or process. Recycled waste can turn into new and reusable materials for other purposes.

These are some of the most common types of rubbish in Sydney. Waste is coming from all corners of the city. Waste disposal gets more complicated with various sorts of rubbish collected together in one big waste volume. 

This is one of the reasons that rubbish removalists exist and is to take care of trash. Expertise doesn’t only come with the jobs that satisfy customers’ books. It comes with a lot of knowledge, training and constant education about trash management.

Types of rubbish removal services

Different kinds of trash equal different rubbish removal services applicable to your garbage volume. There isn’t one job that encompasses one kind of garbage. However, there are rubbish removal services that are always flexible and open enough to accommodate and adjust to your garbage volume. In reality, you can’t just pinpoint your garbage to one specific type of waste anyway. What you need are different kinds of services that can work with what you currently need.

Your residence is the first place you need to take care of besides yourself. Waste from homes and properties tend to grow fast. With all the unminded dumping, you’ll have a pile of garbage soon. Here are residential rubbish services from Paul’s Rubbish Removal that you might consider:

On the other hand, Paul’s Rubbish Removal also offers rubbish removal for commercial spaces. Businesses need a reliable waste management method to lessen the pileup of garbage in a place that should be productive. Here are some Commercial Rubbish Removal services you can consider:

How to Choose the Right Rubbish Removal Company

Like everything else, waste management methods are progressing too. Big companies provide different kinds of services that can cater to any kind of waste. Do you know what’s better? Many local businesses like Paul’s services are available to give rubbish removal services for you and many others in your area. There are many options for you to pick from in terms of garbage removal. 

Before you start choosing a company to collect your next batch of trash, consider these:

✔︎ These services look expensive. How much is my budget for rubbish removal?

✔︎ I have so many kinds of waste, and I need them gone. Where can I get someone that has in-depth knowledge and expertise with rubbish?

✔︎ I have work every day. Do I want a swift service that can match my daily schedule?

✔︎ I care more about the impact of my trash. Is it possible to recycle all my waste?

✔︎ I don’t have much time. Where can I get immediate, top-quality service?

✔︎ I want someone reliable and can possibly be on-call. Is somebody available in my area?

✔︎ I have limited personal communication channels. Is there any other way I can contact professionals to take care of my waste?

✔︎ I just want to know how much my pickup will cost. Is it possible to get an estimate if I ever book for a service?

✔︎ I live a bit too far in Sydney and I need the service fast. Is there somebody who can cater to me as soon as possible?

✔︎ I like having perks for my services. Are there promos that can help me save for my next possible garbage pickup?

With many things to consider in mind, a guarantee is what you need to make sure that somebody takes care of your garbage no matter what situation you are in. No two rubbish removal jobs are the same. The solution to any of your rubbish removal needs is Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

Why Choose Paul’s Rubbish Removal

All the garbage in Sydney needs active action for proper disposal and waste management. Paul’s Rubbish Removal isn’t a stranger to handling all kinds of waste. With all the trash produced every day, everybody in Sydney needs someone reliable and professional to entrust their waste to. 

We all can’t solve the issue of waste overnight. This is why services like Paul’s Rubbish Removal exist. Moreover, Paul’s experienced team of rubbish removal can guarantee these:

  • The most affordable rubbish removal rates around Sydney
  • No commitment, free quotation for any rubbish removal enquiry
  • Local rubbish service that is right around the corner
  • Fast service right at anybody’s doorstep
  • Friendly team that is always open and approachable
  • More than a decade of rubbish removal experience
  • Guaranteed five-star professional service all the time
  • Discounts for returning customers
  • 24/7 and same-day rubbish collection
  • Guaranteed recycling initiatives and engagements

Among anything else, Paul’s Rubbish Removal prides itself as one of the most reliable and trustworthy names in the industry. Many customers and enquiries received satisfaction from Paul’s services. All customers, may it be residents or small businesses that need rubbish removal services are always satisfied by Paul Rubbish Removal. For any kind of rubbish removal service from Paul’s, satisfaction is key, and we guarantee only your smile.


If it’s your first time engaging in a more personal way with garbage, there’s no better choice than an expert who knows what they are talking about. Paul’s Rubbish Removal has always been around serving all kinds of people or establishments for any rubbish removal need. If you want to make sure that your trash still goes a long way, Paul’s Rubbish Removal can be your partner in doing so.

As a team of professionals in the rubbish removal scene, we always work our best to make sure that your junk doesn’t only turn into junk that goes straight to the landfill. As experts in waste collection, we know firsthand that the numbers don’t lie. Waste is poisoning our planet. The last thing we want to do is send your recyclable mattress or old computer set straight to the easy-way solution of the landfill. Work with us in making the planet better one garbage pickup at a time.

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