What is a hard demolition?

It is not rare to find a building being reduced to rubble due to safety concerns or old age. Just as the name suggests, a hard demolition is the process of safely tearing down the structural elements of a building using heavy equipment and machinery such as bulldozers and wrecking balls.

It involves the removal of walls, floors, beams and load-bearing structures. For this reason, heavy equipment is often used. In some instances, it may also include the use of explosives and excavators.

Hard demolition of buildings might seem like a waste of valuable property, but the truth is that it is often carefully thought out. Construction experts along with the local authorities must carry out a thorough assessment of the building to determine whether it should be brought down or not.

Furthermore, destroying old buildings has become just as essential as constructing new ones. In any case, living or working in a run-down building poses many risks and safety hazards. For this reason, it is often a wise idea to enlist professional hard demolition services to handle the job in preparation for the construction of a new building.

Pros and Cons of hard demolition of buildings

Hard demolition of buildings comes with both upsides and downsides. The following points will help you decide whether tearing down your building is viable or not.


Enhances safety

Old buildings can pose a massive threat to the public as far as safety is concerned. Furthermore, the structural elements may consist of harmful chemicals and substances such as asbestos, which are dangerous to your health. In such situations, bringing down the building becomes inevitable in the best interest of the public.

Increases property value

Old, dilapidated buildings are not only an eyesore, but may also put off potential buyers. Moreover, if you were to sell your property, including the run-down building, you may have to slash your selling price to cater for the demolition services later. With this in mind, demolishing the building prior to selling your property can significantly increase its value.

Makes way for beneficial use of land

Sometimes a building may become run down to the extent that it is no longer operable. When this happens, demolishing the building and replacing it with a new one would be a viable option, as it would be beneficial to the property owner and the community.

Offers a lasting solution

Reconstructing a dispaired building might seem like a viable option, but in most cases, it does not offer a lasting solution. You may renovate a rundown building but this is not a guarantee that it will last longer. In fact, it may create more problems and increase the risk of injuries. Putting this into consideration, demolishing the building might just be the only lasting solution.


Reconstruction is sometimes better than hard demolition

If a building is still redeemable, the hard demolition may be a waste of money and resources. Furthermore, you may be destroying a piece of history that cannot be restored once it is demolished.

It may evoke a legal tussle

Hard demolition requires legal authorisation and a permit from the local authority. This may put you at loggerheads with the authorities in case your request to demolish your property is denied. Furthermore, the local community may disagree with your intended plans if the premises in question has historical value to them.

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Most demolition companies do not offer waste removal services. After reducing your building to rubble, it will be up to you to handle the process of demolition waste removal.

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