During the course of home building, there are a number of wastes that are generated inevitably. These wastes can be in the form of pieces of cardboard, bricks, blocks, plywood, engineered lumbers, drywall scraps, ductwork, roofing material, window and glass, fixtures, wiring, asphalt, stone and gravel. These are commonly referred to as builder’s waste or construction waste.

In many occasions, new homeowners usually haul the building wastes in landfills without considering the fact that they can have a future use. In reality, construction wastes represent gems that many builders do not realise. It is even more challenging to accept the reality that new homeowners go-ahead to pay some dime in disposing of these treasure. In fact, several new homeowners count themselves lucky to build in a jurisdiction where hauling fees are low. But, is disposal worth as far as environmental stewardship is concerned?

Whether in construction, demolition or basic DIY repair, builder wastes usually come out in large quantity. Managing the waste is, therefore, a tall order. However, with mushrooming cultural shifts on how these wastes are handled, there are four basic sustainable ways of doing away with builder wastes.


The first thing that should ring in your mind before disposing of any waste is whether you can reuse it or not. Or, better still sell it to others. Based on the scale of work, you can employ a specialist to handle the recycling itself. In most cases, builder wastes can be sorted and separated.

After sorting you will realise that some general bricks can be compacted and used for landscaping while whole blocks used somewhere or saved for future use. Construction market places such as eBay, offer great resources and a large list of buyers who are ready to secure sorted builder wastes.

Another platform, EnvironMate, helps new homeowners to find a home for debris and other wastes. This is more sustainable than leaving the wastes to end up in landfills.

Skip bins

Skips are the most commonly used equipment for industrial wastes collection. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the type and amount of wastes generated during the course of building.

Once the skip is filled, they are picked for disposal or recycling of the wastes depending on the type of wastes generated. Most of these wastes usually end up in landfills.

Just like any other method of builder waste management, space is key while using skips. Be generous with the space allowance. However, you will need to keep into consideration where your wastes end up and the location of the skip before opting for this method.

Skips are offered by different wastes collection companies. Some, mostly placed on the roads, belong to local authorities. Therefore, it is important to get the permission of the owner and check whether they are registered with environmental agencies before using them.

For small scale construction, you can use skip bags instead of the larger metallic boxes. They are ideal for basic DIY projects. Unlike the larger boxes, these bags are easier to find a place for. You will not need to make trips to the local tip while using them.

Hiring Grab Lorries

For large-scale building works such as digging foundations or demolition, you will need a grab lorry for the collection of wastes. They are the best alternative to skips.

Grab Lorries comes in various sizes. They can be four-wheeled, six-wheeled or eight-wheeled. A four-wheeled lorry can accommodate 9 tonnes while the eight-wheeled carries 18 tonnes of wastes. The cost of hiring a Garb Lorry depends on the size. In fact, that is cost-effective for large scale waste collection as compared to skips.

Getting rid of builder’s waste is key in any construction work. It realises a clear end result that is easy to navigate through. Nevertheless, the task is always demanding and can consume a lot of money if not properly planned.

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