Working remotely is not entirely a new concept. Following the global health crisis in 2020, traditional office and business hours have changed dramatically. Today, many professionals work from home, often with their families and children present, making it difficult to balance work and personal life.

Working from home may appear to be a great option because of the benefits and flexibility it provides. It saves us time commuting, save money on gas, and pay for lunch, among other benefits. However, as the days turn into months and months into years, being cooped up takes its toll on us.   

Work-life balance has deteriorated significantly in recent years for a variety of reasons, including physical and mental health. Continue reading to find out how to be more productive, motivated, and get more done at home without sacrificing your personal life.

What is work-life balance and why it’s important?

Work-life balance is simply about balancing the time you spend working and spending time with your family, friends, hobbies, etc. Even before the global health crisis, balancing work and personal life is already difficult for some professionals.

One of the most significant reasons we struggle to balance work and personal life is that we are driven by a desire to succeed professionally. Because of this, we often lose sight of the fact that there is more to life than paperwork. Much more often, we are overwhelmed and do not realise it until it is too late.

Nowadays, it is far more impossible to conduct our work and life within the confines of our home. Thus, balancing work and personal life is critical; otherwise, we will be stressed out. Stress is a natural human reaction that leads to productivity, such as meeting a deadline. Keep in mind that it will only be effective for a limited time. When the stress exceeds our ability to cope, it can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Work-life balance is one of the most pressing issues we face as a society today. There are numerous ways to achieve a healthy work-from-home environment without compromising our personal lives. This article is about a very simple way to achieve work-life balance with very little effort.

Work From Home: 3 Important Tips on How to Improve Well-Being

We all strive for work-life balance. For some, this is a difficult goal to achieve; for others, it is a blessing. Many of us, however, are at a crossroads: we want to make more money, but we also want to live a meaningful life. There are numerous work-life challenges, but there is always a way to improve.

1. Create a daily, weekly or monthly schedule 

We often express a desire to make more time for ourselves, but we are not sure where to start. Oftentimes, we have no idea how to prioritise our numerous competing demands. This outpouring of emotions is caused by the fact that we are all striving for a certain standard of living. 

We can avoid working long hours and stress if we make a plan. Regardless of how you want your schedule to be, this is one of the keys to a healthy work-life balance at home. Organise your thoughts and write them down. Then, as much as possible, follow them.

2. There is no perfect work-life balance

This may appear to be the total opposite of our first tip. However, the true meaning of tip #1 is to adhere to our schedule as closely as possible. Our goal should be to achieve a reasonable schedule, not a perfect one.

Sometimes we are focused on work. While on other days, we have more time and energy to engage in hobbies or spend time with family and friends. 

3. Set your limitations

Although we may work from home, that does not mean we cannot say no. As mentioned in tip #2, we want to set a reasonable goal. This is why we should learn how to limit our work time while still making time for other activities. Learn to pause and say no. For instance, turn off your mobile phone, set a timer for work emails, or disconnect from the internet for a few hours.


The first step toward achieving a healthy work-life balance at home is to devise a strategy. When we feel that we have it all under control, we’re a lot happier. Let us all stick to our schedules as closely as possible to improve our well-being, even if we’re stuck in a cubicle or at home.

Our purpose is to live, not just exist. Therefore, the purpose of work is to produce something of value from our life. Work is a means, not an end. We can use our work to achieve our purpose. Finally, we frequently overlook the fact that balance develops over time, not on a daily basis. We will reach our goal if we remain consistent.

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