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Solving Sydney’s Government Public Housing Rubbish & Cleaning Crisis

It comes to no surprise that local councils, as well as the residents of Sydney, are deeply concerned with the state of some public housing areas today. There are increasing reports of the amount of rubbish that has been accumulating in the various government housing locations across Sydney and its neighbouring areas.

The piles of unwanted possessions from the previous owners have been growing through the years – with no concrete solution in sight.

The rise of public houses in Australia, particularly in its major cities, is the government’s response to the bloating population. The program has been launched decades ago for the purpose of providing local residents, indigenous groups, and migrants with affordable housing for a certain period of time (from 3 to 5 years). Today, these state-owned houses can be seen all over the major cities – from suburban fringes to high-rising apartment buildings.

However, alongside the emergence of public houses also comes the rising piles of rubbish in these areas. The fast turnover rate, as well as the lack of care by the tenants of these houses, have led to the massive buildup of junk in and around these public houses. Residents and neighbours, for years, have been clamouring for clear and long-standing solutions for the rubbish problems.

Most of the tenants living in public houses don’t exercise proper management of their borrowed abode. They don’t have a sense of responsibility in taking care of the property. Thus, the responsibility falls onto the hands of the government and local councils.

The Problem

Since the implementation of the modern public housing program in the 1990s by the Australian government, there are now currently about 7 million public housing units in the country. This constitutes 4.2% of all housing stock and continuously grows in number. Along with the growth rate of housing units comes the problem of growing tons of rubbish that’s waiting to be cleaned.

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The government seems to have exhausted all its effort to keep its state-owned dwellings clean and with conducive living conditions; notwithstanding the other associated difficulties seen in the management of public housing like security, domestic violence, and proper care of the properties. All efforts have been futile.

Unwanted possessions, junk, and even organic waste are left behind by previous tenants. Piles of garbage can be visible when you enter the vacant premises. There’s no time interval available in between to clean the property as people have already lined up to live in each and every unit. As of current writing, there are over 35, 000 individuals and families on the list of people waiting for a public house to be available.

The rubbish problem has become a crisis not just in Sydney but all over. Apparently, there is a solution.

The Solution

Efforts and cleaning programs by the state and local governments are commendable. Numerous cleaning and waste management programs are already in place and are presently implemented. However, the volume of rubbish and the number of units to be maintained and cleaned are overwhelming. The need for additional warm bodies to handle rubbish problems with such magnitude is still obvious.

Fortunately, despite the longstanding crisis, a clear solution is at hand. The local councils just have to tap the services of privately-owned rubbish removalists. Companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal have the experience, equipment, personnel, and efficient methodology to handle rubbish problems of any magnitude. Moreover, they’ve had established partnerships with various local councils in the past.

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Paul’s Rubbish Removal has also a large network of connections – both government and private companies – whom they can pass on the rubbish they collect from the public houses. The properly segregated rubbish are processed to be reused, recycled, used in landfilling, fermented, or incinerated accordingly.

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Sydney’s public housing maintenance and cleanliness crisis has been going on for years now. The amount of rubbish keeps piling up while the government’s cleaning crew’s interventions fail to catch up and totally solve the problem. The need to privatise the cleaning and maintenance tasks is apparent.

Privately-owned companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal have decades of experience in resolving problems like these. Any unwanted possessions, junk, or organic waste materials that are left behind by previous tenants are to be sorted out by these professional removalists before disposed of accordingly.

About Paul’s Rubbish Removal

Our crew at Paul’s Rubbish Removal are available 24/7 to attend to your junk disposal needs. Our crew are ready remove any unwanted rubbish or collect loads of junk to ensure your public houses are clean and well-maintained. We have more than 10 years of experience having the pleasure of servicing properties of Sydney-siders including garages, offices, construction/renovation sites, and deceased real estates.

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We can clean all those government housing properties in no time. Don’t wait for that rubbish to pile up. Don’t wait for the residents to complain of sickness and other troubles brought about by the accumulation of junk in and around the building. It’s time to take care and attend to your constituents’ needs. It’s time to solve Sydney’s public housing rubbish crisis.

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