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Cost for Strip Out & Demolition Guide

With any job, preparation is key. For a paint job, you will need to prepare the wall by sanding and cleaning it from any debris. The same goes for a renovation job. Preparation of the existing area for new fixtures and system is important to ensure that the job goes smoothly.

In order to prepare for a renovation job, you will be required to completely strip out the existing fixtures to make room for the new ones. It may sound like an easy task at first. But as you progress through the strip out, you begin to realise that it would be so much better with a professional strip out team that can handle the job carefully for you.

For a commercial strip out, hiring a service to get the job done is an obvious answer. Both their specialised skill set and experience will provide you with a peace of mind that your commercial space is in safe hands.

Not only will they properly remove your unwanted furnishing, but an experienced strip out team is also qualified to carry out licensed work such as electrical systems, plumbing work and small demolition jobs. On top of that, they will get rid of your debris and rubbish from the strip out.

All of this sounds great, but you may be wondering how much will it cost me?

removing backing from the wall before wallpapering

How much does a strip out cost?

Each licensed trade will charge according to their industry rates. However, it is not ideal to use specialised services in specific niches such as a sparkie, plumber, carpenter or tiler unless they absolutely needed. The costs involved in their experience and specialisation far outweighs a simple job such as a strip out. Nonetheless, here is what you are expected to pay for these licensed trades:

Electrician – Average $70 to $130 per hour
Plumber – Average $100 to $150 per hour
Carpenter – Average $50 to $80 per hour
Tiler – Average $45 to $150 per hour

These are the average prices charged by the hour in Sydney by the respective industries. The best way to get an accurate quote is by directly contacting the company yourself. There will be other things that you need to consider when hiring licensed tradies such as call out fees.

Alternatively, and the more cost-effective approach, is to look for residential strip out services. These dedicated services are there for you to help take care of tile removal, wall strip out, floor levelling, carpet removal, internal wall removal, floor grinding and much more. They are helping hands that will assist you with simple fixtures such as furniture removal and disposal.

Contractor removing an old linoleum flooring

The benefits of a dedicated strip out service

The most cost-effective way for your home, commercial, office or retail strip out is by getting a dedicated strip out service. There are a number of benefits to hiring a strip out service. They include:

  • They do not charge a call out fee
  • They can completely take care of the strip out job themselves
  • They will clean up the site and dispose of the debris by using their trucks
  • They can remove nearly everything in a residential household
  • They can work alongside other contractors to save you time and allow the ease of scheduling
  • They have specialised machines and tools that allow safe and professional strip outs
  • They are more affordable than unnecessary specialised tradies for the same job

strip out and small demolition home

How much does a kitchen strip out cost?

For a kitchen renovation to take place, there are many things that need to be removed. It is important to factor in the costs of a kitchen renovation and demolition into your budget for a more accurate estimate.

A kitchen strip out often involves much more than simply removing furniture and anything that the eye can see. There are many things that need to be removed that are hidden behind walls and cabinets.

  • Pipes that needs to be replaced or redesigned to suit the new kitchen layout
  • Removal of structures such as internal walls to make space
  • Kitchen tiles on both the floor and walls that need to be removed and replaced
  • Rewiring of electrical cables for the new lighting system
  • Removal of cabinets, benchtops, sink, appliances and shelves

Kitchen renovations will vary depending on the budget. A typical starting price is $10,000 and will only increase from here. As always, it is best to speak directly to the company to obtain a more accurate quote. However, the price should only be considered as one of the factors in using a service.

Getting a reputable and well-trusted company may far outweigh using a cheap and unknown service. This is due to the sheer quality that can be achieved and the confidence of obtaining customer satisfaction.

Construction Worker with Plank

How much does a small demolition cost?

Small demolition costs will vary from company to company, that is why it is always best to ask for a direct quote. Some companies will charge by the hour while others will charge by the unit. Things you will need to consider when hiring a demolition team to handle the job:

  • Ensure that they are properly licensed
  • Obtain a detailed quote for the job
  • A timeframe of the completed job
  • A complete demolition scope of work
  • Cost of permit (Average of $350 but will vary based on council and nature of the project)
  • What happens when there are delays
  • Council applications and payments
  • Engineers report cost
  • Payment options
  • The total price of the job

How much does a bathroom strip out cost?

Much like a kitchen strip out, getting your bathroom internally stripped out will require specialised technicians to handles the rewiring of lights, replumbing of pipes and the removal of large structures such as vanities and cabinets. The cost of a bathroom strip out will range depending on the design and size of the bathroom. It is always best to ask the service providers such as ourselves directly for an accurate and fair quote.

The bathroom is an essential area to your home, that is why it is important to hire an expert strip out service. It will save you both financially and physically in the long run.

More often than not, a kitchen or bathroom renovation will involve a small demolition to remove some structure that is left behind from the previous job. It is important to note that it is not legal to carry out a demolition job by yourself. Because internal walls are often load-bearing structures, removing them will interfere with the structural integrity of your home.

Specialised tools and licensed workers are required to remove non-temporary structures in your home. A small demolition job will involve things such as:

  • Removal of internal walls (plaster, drywall, timber)
  • Removal of concrete or brick
  • Demolishing of fixed cabinetry
  • Fixed bathroom vanities, toilets, bathtubs
  • Fixed kitchen benchtop, fixed appliances

Demolition of old tiles with jackhammer. Renovation of old floor.

Affordable strip out service in Sydney

For a dedicated strip out service team in Sydney at affordable prices, Paul’s Rubbish Removal team is here to help. Not only can we strip out your fixture and internal structures, but we can also hand remove the unwanted debris so that you don’t have to worry about it. Forget hiring an expensive skip bin that will cost you a fortune, our reliable strip out and disposal team will ensure that your garbage is safely disposed of.

We can completely or partially strip out your household rooms to prepare it for any renovation project. With over 10 years of professional experience, Paul’s Rubbish Removal can handle any strip out removal task! You can depend on our team to provide you with a completely clean and rubbish-free space for others contractors to begin installing your new fixtures and electrical system smoothly and without any delays.

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For quality strip out and demolition work in Sydney, contact the professionals from Paul’s Rubbish Removal on 0407 125 125 for a free quote today!

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