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    House Demolition

    GUARANTEE quality house demolition service!

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    • Local Demolition Service
    • Fast & Friendly Service
    • 10+ Years Experience
    • Cheapest Prices

    We are covid safe

      SAVE same-day rubbish removal Sydney!

      Call Us For A Rubbish Removal & SAVE $50*

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      House Demolition in Sydney

      Acquiring a lot or property is a significant milestone for families and businesses alike. However, more often than not, you may want to clear your property to build your dream home and structure. When it comes to demolishing an old house, you’d need a team of house demolition experts to take down and remove any unwanted materials.

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      Sydney House Demolition Experts

      Whether you are a property developer, builder, or property owner, you’d need a dependable partner in house demolition. Paul’s Rubbish Removal has been providing fast and efficient cleanup and demolition services for more than ten years.

      Our team of professionals will accommodate large or small demolition jobs and remove all construction rubbish generated during the house demolition project. Additionally, we have the skills and equipment to clear out all structures and prepare the site for the next phase of your construction.

      Manpower For Your House Demolition

      Paul’s Rubbish Removal implements a bespoke method for tearing down various houses built with specific materials. Our team understands that demolishing establishments and structures may pose safety risks, that’s why we will arrive in your property with the proper safety equipment and tools for every demolition job.

      Furthermore, we take drastic measures to make sure that all demolition waste we produce is removed using the safest and most efficient methods available. This is because scrap metal and demolition rubbish such as concrete rubble, wood, plastic, and other waste can become hazardous if left on-site.

      Fast and Efficient House Demolition Process

      The sheer amount of planning and paperwork involved in a house demolition service in Sydney is only half the battle. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we guarantee a smooth process, just give us the call, and we’ll take care of the work, so you can focus on what matters.

      Our house demolition and rubbish removal process comply with Australian Standards, Regulations, and Codes of Practice. We carry out every house demolition project smoothly and efficiently, using temporary fencing and safety signs for your protection.

      For over ten years, Paul’s Rubbish Removal have developed waste control and tailor-fit runoff measures, making sure that our team will leave the site spotless.

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      Cost-Effective and Safe House Demolition

      Paul’s Rubbish Removal implements a reliable house demolition process all across Sydney at an affordable and competitive cost that stands out from the rest. We value your money and property as much as you do, and our affordable demolition service provides that much-wanted peace of mind, hassle-free process, and safe environmental impact in one.

      Moreover, these are the factors that influence the cost of your house demolition service:

      • Project Size ‒ The bigger the project, the more resources and workforce it requires
      • Scope of Demolition Work ‒ Whole house, partial demolition, or taking down only a small structure or facility
      • Materials to Demolish ‒ Stronger houses made of concrete will require more equipment and may take longer to demolish than a timber house
      • Presence of Hazardous Materials ‒ Removing synthetic mineral fibres and asbestos will require special equipment and protective gears to eliminate the risks involved during the process

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      Eco-Friendly Approach On House Demolition

      Paul’s Rubbish Removal work hand-in-hand with recycling and disposal facilities all around Sydney to divert as much waste from landfills as possible and recycle the salvageable materials from your house demolition.

      When it comes to environmental conservation, we take every step forward to protect our home planet for future generations.

      House demolition projects can become hazardous if performed poorly. Wherever you are in Sydney, Paul’s Rubbish Removal will gladly take the burden out of your property.

      Paul’s Rubbish Removal takes pride as one of the leading house demolition and rubbish removal services in Sydney. For an immediate house demolition service, feel free to call our friendly staff on 0407 125 125 for a free quote.

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      Fantastic Service, called at 10am and by 2pm the boys had quoted and completed a very large job that I had. So happy with the service, cleaned up afterwoods as well. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Fantastic.

      Donna S

      Paul, sensational job as always, love how easy you make it look. Definitely won’t hesitate in calling you again should either my family or friends need rubbish removed. Thanks again!

      Simon R

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      How Much Does A House Demolition Cost?

      Before you decide to upgrade your home, you need to consider the process of a proper house demolition. This includes finding out the cost of demolition. In this piece, we will examine the average cost of demolishing a house in Sydney.

      How much does it cost to demolish a house in Sydney?

      In actual sense, there is no definitive price point for bringing down a house. However, we can still find the average cost or the price range. The average cost of demolishing a house in Sydney range from $10,000 to $80,000. This cost range accounts for the presence of extra material and asbestos. The cost stated in the ACT is between $30,000 and $50,000.

      Breaking it down, most companies charge an average of $75 per hour. For minor demolition jobs, the cost may go as low as $50 per hour, but for large complex demolition projects, the cost will probably shoot to about $90 per hour.

      If we look at it from the square feet perspective, the average cost ranges from $3 to $11 per square feet. For Sydney residents, prepare to pay an average of $18,000 for a 1500 sq. ft house. Generally, the cost will reduce as the square footage increases, but the cost may shoot depending on additional work on the site.

      Bearing this in mind, most professional demolition contractors will not provide an estimate based on the size of the house alone. They have to visit the site to assess other factors.

      Factors That Will Impact Your House Demolition Cost

      Building materials: A building made with heavy materials such as concrete or brick is more expensive than a timber house. In fact, in some cases, the timber can be salvaged for reuse, which will further bring down the overall cost of demolition. If your house was built with asbestos, you will pay more for demolition. Most houses built between 1920 and 1990 were constructed using asbestos. In most cases, houses made of asbestos cost three times more expensive to demolish than normal concrete because they usually require a licensed contractor to remove all hazardous material. The contractor must also carry out a thorough pre-demolition survey, which adds up the cost.

      Size and access: As you would expect, a large house will definitely cost more to bring down. Some contractors peg their demolition charges on the square meter or feet. Besides size, your site access and gradient will have an impact on the overall cost. If it is difficult for some demolition equipment to get into the site, expect the demolition cost to increase.

      Service disconnections: If gas and power need to be disconnected, you will have to pay an additional fee because these disconnections must be done by a licensed contractor. The current building regulations require electrical mains to be connected underground in new homes.

      The above are the most common factors that affect the cost of demolition, but there are other unique factors. Presence of shrubs, trees or underground contaminated waste that needs to be removed together with the house will add up the costs. Likewise, extra structures such as a pool or shed will be counted as additional costs. Local permit requirements will too impact on the overall costs. Distance to disposal or recycling centres will also add up the transportation cost.

      Before you begin the process, please check with your local council if you require your home to be baited for rodents to stop the pest spreading in the neighbourhood. Taking into considerations the above points, it is clear that an initial survey is necessary before the actual demolition.

      When you understand the cost and the demolitions process, the actual job of bringing down your house will be relatively fast. In some cases, the demolition can be completed within a day. To avoid inconvenience, choose a demolition contractor with up-to-date equipment, all applicable licenses, a proven track record, and have experience recycling or disposing of your unwanted debris.

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