Bricks are heavy and durable. It can last for decades when proper placement is done. Most older homes use bricks as walls, floors, property boundaries, chimneys and fireplaces. But when the ground or foundation beneath a brick structure starts to shift over the years, the mortar joints can crack or crumble, causing bricks to move. With this problem, there is a chance to tear down bricks.

There are also new styles for interior and exterior materials today that make brick demolition a needed service. The process of demolition isn’t complicated, but it’s messy and can be time-consuming. But whether you need to do a brick demolition in a residential or business property, there are things to consider to ensure a successful project. Here are the 6 tips to remember when doing a brick demolition

Secure Permits

Before beginning the project, be sure to contact the local council to see if a brick demolition permit needs to be secured. The rules for obtaining a permit may vary and will depend on what you have to adhere to within a community. If caught with a brick demolition without legal process, the effort taken to comply with a permit would be well worth the possible fines.

Since you are not going to benefit directly from the work done, the local council will not fine you a lot once you get caught. However, it’s better to prevent huge amounts of money from escaping to your wallets. Keep in mind that brick demolition is a serious job, that’s why a permit will be needed in most scenarios. Unless, if you knock a freestanding exterior wall down, you won’t need a permit.

Inspection is a Must!

Never tear down any load-bearing walls without an inspection from the experts. If you need to remove a load-bearing wall, an engineer can first assess the situation for safety reasons. A load-bearing wall is there to support the weight of something above it. 

Before doing brick demolition on a load-bearing wall, the structure must be supported above. Safety is important, which is why an expert or an engineer must be present before this method of brick demolition is carried out. 

However, if you are planning to save money and do a brick demolition to a residential wall all by yourself, you have to locate a blueprint of your home first.There could be wires or plumbing that would be affected by this brick demolition. If there are electrical cables, breaker boxes, or plumbing nearby, it would be best to hire an electrician to terminate an electrical breaker box and cables or hire a plumber to disconnect gas lines safely.

Don’t Forget the Warning Signs and Safety Gears

First and foremost, safety is the number one priority in every demolition project. That is why you must wear protective gear such as goggles, a full respirator mask and a pair of thick leather gloves when handling bricks to avoid danger from asbestos that may be present in bricks and other hazards.

Moreover, falling bricks are a safety hazard. Your family’s safety will be at risk if the area for brick demolition is not secured with warning signs. If signs are not available, you can try roping off the area around the brick wall so that no one is allowed on the floor or ground beneath the person tearing out the bricks. In that way, safety is assured.

Protect the Floors

If you don’t want to have a floor repair project after the brick demolition, make sure to protect the surrounding floor when removing an interior wall. The process of brick demolition can get dirty. Bricks and/or debris can fall from above and cause damage to nearby floors.

As a prevention to damage, cover the floor with heavy tarps, canvas, or another protective material. Place plywood under the canvas at the base of the wall to protect against falling bricks.

Chip Off Always The Top Layer

To keep the entire brick wall frame from collapsing, you have to start chipping at the top of the brick wall using either an air chisel or a hand chisel and a hammer. Then, place the chisel into the mortar’s joint between the first and second top layers of bricks. 

Chisel hard enough to chip the mortar off, and loose the top brick. You must make sure to be gentle enough not to ruin the whole structure. The process of knocking the bricks will never be a simple and quick task, that’s why being agile enough to chip away one brick at a time is critical.

Clear Unwanted Debris and Continue the Demolition

When you chip away the bricks, it may expose old or unwanted material beneath. Before removing the new layers of bricks, any PVC or metal pipes should be cut off using a reciprocating saw. 

They can expose old or unused material underneath, when you chip away from the bricks. Using a reciprocating saw, any PVC or metal pipes will be cut off, exposing the next layer of bricks to be taken out.

Furthermore, if you’ve gone so far, then you’re probably in the clear. Continue the process of demolition of bricks and you will finally clear the whole residential brick wall . The process is fairly repetitive and will take longer without an air chisel. Having said that, finishing a project like this on your own can be very satisfying. But if you are unsure and are aiming for a safe brick demolition, you can contact a company covering a brick demolition.


Brick demolition is a needed service nowadays because of the emerging new trends in house renovations. This is not an easy task, so there are things to be checked before going through with the project. Through taking consideration of the things to remember when doing a brick demolition, a safe brick demolition will be accomplished.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, you can guarantee a safe brick demolition without worrying about the documents to be approved by the local council. Our expert team is extremely familiar with the rules and will ensure to render you with an outstanding brick demolition service. To book a demolition job, please call us at 0407 125 125 or send us an email here.

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